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BRUHM 1.5 HP Splits Air Conditioner AC BAS-12CCMW


BRUHM 1.5 HP Splits Air Conditioner AC | BAS-12CCMW
BRUHM 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner has a durable design, it is very efficient and reliable. It also comes with an elegant and compact design and free installation Kits. The amazing split unit AC has a quiet operation and it gets the room cool and fresh almost immediately after you switch it on. It delivers top performance at all times due to its high-efficiency internal thread copper pipe. The Split Unit Air Conditioner cools only and dehumidifies. It also comes with intelligent control and a digital display. It is very easy to maintain this air conditioner, it has a panel and filter which you can remove for easy cleaning. To ensure you get value for your money, operate it with a 2.5KVA generator.


Capacity: 1.5HP
Auto-restart function
Copper Condenser
Sleep mode – 7 hours
High Range Voltage Monitor: can accommodate normal to high voltage
Galvanized Outdoor Unit: Ensures less risk to rust of unit
Low noise and windy airflow
Multifold Evaporator
Fast Cooling Compressor
LED Hidden Display
Turbo mode
Vitamin C filter
3m Copper Installation Kit – freebie


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